Guaranteed $ZETA Airdrop with XDEFI Wallet — Here’s How!

3 min readJan 19, 2024

Exciting news for crypto enthusiasts! @zetablockchain has joined forces with @xdefi_wallet to bring you an exclusive airdrop opportunity. Secure your spot for a guaranteed 100% free airdrop of 70,000 $ZETA tokens on the mainnet, available exclusively for XDEFI Wallet users.

How to Participate:

  1. Download and Set Up XDEFI Wallet:
    — Visit Chrome Web Store
    — Download XDEFI Wallet and set it up.
    — Access the settings menu.
    — Turn on the option to prioritize XDEFI.
    — Opt in to participate in campaigns.

2. Add Your XDEFI Wallet Address:
— Go to Galxe Account Settings
— Click on the “+” button.
— Add your address by selecting Metamask.
— Your XDEFI wallet will appear.

3. Complete Social Tasks:
— Visit Galxe Campaign Page
— Complete social tasks.

Important: Ensure all next steps are performed exclusively with your XDEFI wallet.

4. Acquire $ZETA with XDEFI Wallet:
— Visit ZetaChain Labs
— Connect your XDEFI wallet and request $ZETA.

5. Eddy Finance Swap:
— Visit Eddy Finance
— Complete one swap

6. Zetaswap and ZetaEarn:
—Visit Zetaswap
— Request assets
— Perform one swap

-Navigate to ZetaEarn
— Stake any amount of $ZETA to maximize your rewards.

-Go to SugarPass
— Mint a Sugar Pass

7. and SignNFT:
— Indulge in the world of decentralized shopping at Shopcek
— Select any item that catches your eye.
— Opt for ZetaChain as the payment option.
— Complete the purchase

-Embrace the art of minting NFTs by visiting
— Mint SignNFT

9. Galxe Airdrop Tasks:
— Return to Galxe Campaign Page
— Verify all completed tasks to ensure your eligibility.
— Mint Z-Chains