Discover Unique NFTs on the Oasis Gallery Marketplace on the Venom blockchain

2 min readJul 16, 2023


The Oasis Gallery is an exciting new NFT marketplace built on the Venom blockchain where users can discover, collect and trade unique digital assets. As the NFT space continues to explode in popularity, Oasis Gallery provides a platform for artists and collectors to buy and sell these one-of-a-kind digital creations.

Getting Started on Oasis Gallery

Getting started on Oasis Gallery is easy:

  1. Go to to browse available NFT collections
  2. Choose an NFT you’d like to purchase and click “Buy Now”
  3. Confirm the transaction in your Venom wallet

There are currently four major NFT collections available on Oasis Gallery: Absrart, The Bubblemotes, Peachy Sands, and Aquatech. More collections are coming soon!

Key Reasons to Buy NFTs on Oasis Gallery

Here are some key reasons why you should consider buying NFTs on Oasis Gallery:

  • Exclusive Perks — Owning certain NFTs may unlock special benefits like access to exclusive content or communities
  • Profit — If you buy at a low price, you can potentially sell at a higher price later as an NFT increases in demand
  • Preserve Value — NFTs can hold or increase in value over time as collectibles
  • Secure Ownership — All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, giving you verified ownership

For sellers, Oasis Gallery offers options to sell NFTs at a fixed price or create timed auctions. This provides flexibility to sell instantly or potentially get a higher price over time.

The Bubblemotes: My favorite NFT collection

Stay Up to Date on New Drops

To stay up to date on the newest NFT drops and announcements, be sure to join the Oasis Gallery Discord community:

You can also follow Oasis Gallery on Zealy:
Oasis Gallery has partnered with Zealy to provide interactive quests that allow you to earn points. These points can be accumulated and used for future rewards and benefits on Oasis Gallery.

The platform continues to add new features and improvements, making it a top destination for NFT enthusiasts.

Get Started Today

Get started today on and discover amazing NFTs on the Venom blockchain!

PS: You need a Venom wallet and tokens to purchase NFTs. You can get them here: